Stock Standard Vs Unique

16 May 2016

What do most of us want when we are looking for a home? Or maybe it should be a question of what can most of us afford!!


Rateable Value and Market Value – How do they differ?

30 May 2016

What is the rateable value of a property? Market value however, is the value of a property at any given date. So if you are considering buying or selling a property, how should you determine its likely value?

Top Tips for Investors

08 Jun 2016

When purchasing an investment property we would recommend the following when carrying out your due diligence of the property...

The Journey of a First Home Buyer

29 Jun 2016

Buying your first property is an exercise in making a dream, real, in stark financial terms. The challenge is plucking your expectations out of the dream-sphere and wrestling them into in a plausible, affordable reality you’ll be living in and paying off for the next 30 years or until you sell...

Top Tips for First Home Buyers

06 Jul 2016

Buying your first home can be one of the most stressful financial transactions you make. Here at myvalocity, we believe in the power of obtaining as much information as possible in order to be able to make the right decisions. Our Expert Panel Valuer has given her top tips for First Home Buyers to help guide you, so you are able to carefully plan your first property journey.

The devil is sometimes in the detail

27 Jul 2016

There has been much debate in the media again this week regarding the continued growth in the New Zealand property market – and in particular Auckland. With strong debate coming from a range of political arenas, analysts and media commentators, once again investors found themselves squarely in the spotlight and staring down the barrel of calls for potentially more lending restrictions.

Have you seen our BUYERS and SELLERS packs?

10 Aug 2016

Buying or selling a home can be the most daunting and overwhelming experience for all kiwis alike, from the first time home owner to a well-established property investor. With today’s property market rapidly changing it is hard to acquire accurate information that allows us to be independent and aware of what to expect and when to expect it.

Building Inspections 101 - An interview with Betta Inspect It

31 Aug 2016

Here at myvalocity, we believe knowledge is key, and when it comes to buying or selling your home, building inspections are a must. So we have sat down with Managing Director, Matt Mason, of Betta Inspect It to ask a few key questions that will help educate you on what you should know and look out for when it comes to getting a building inspection.

Trying to buy a home? Thought about trying to rent one?

07 Sep 2016

Just as the First Home Buyers have been locked out of the housing market, what about the people, who have no choice but to rent, that are also being priced out of the rental market, as the difficulty of finding a rental property in Auckland continues to rise.

Our Sales Definitions

28 Sep 2016

Like many Kiwis, we love all things property – especially when it comes to how it’s valued. Sometimes valuing a property can be more an art rather than a science as there are a number of factors to consider. Here’s a guide to some of the elements myvalocity uses when determining the market value of a property:

The Unitary Plan - What does it mean for Aucklanders?

12 Oct 2016

The Unitary Plan is the new overall planning document for the Auckland region. It replaces the district plans of the eight old Auckland councils. It will be the rule book for zoning, heritage protection, the metropolitan urban limit, the port, and protecting view shafts.

Is the property market cooling off?

31 Oct 2016

There’s been much discussion and commentary about the booming property market in New Zealand over the last two years with almost daily media reports of increasing median house values, first home buyers finding themselves locked out of the market, investors flipping properties and regions close to Auckland enduring a sudden increase in housing demand. But are things starting to cool down?

Mortgage-free properties in decline as new investor numbers surge in last five years

09 Nov 2016

New figures show increasing numbers of Kiwis are breaking with tradition and delaying paying down their mortgage in favour of buying more property. myvalocity’s research shows the number of mortgage-free properties nationwide has dropped from 39% to 35% in the last decade.

Our top tips for selling your home

21 Nov 2016

Time to sell your home? We're here to help with some of our quick-fire tips, that we believe are key in the preparation leading up to putting your house on the market, your open home and finally a smooth and successful transaction!