Have you seen our BUYERS and SELLERS packs?

Have you seen our BUYERS and SELLERS packs?

10 Aug 2016

Buying or selling a home can be one the most stressful financial transactions we make. At times it can be the most daunting and overwhelming experience for all kiwis alike, from the first time home owner to a well-established property investor. With today’s property market rapidly changing it is hard to acquire accurate information that allows us to be independent and aware of what to expect and when to expect it. One of the fundamental factors in being successful is to have enough information and insights to be able to make an informed decision when you begin your property journey.


As New Zealanders’ we all would like to own our own little slice of paradise, we all have that quarter-acre dream that has been installed in our values since we were young. For a lot of us, this is becoming a distant dream with the high demand in property and, soaring house prices. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourselves for any possible bumps in the road as the value of a property transaction is significant and so is the potential cost if something goes wrong. It’s key to seek your own independent advice and research.


When BUYING a property, all purchase agreements are legally binding contracts. Property Agents are required to not withhold any information, if you ask the important questions. Your decision however, shouldn’t rely on the information other people give you, as they may not know all the answers themselves. This is when you should consider getting a property inspection report, search comparable properties that have sold in the neighborhood recently, building consents and title information.


As a leader in all things property, myvalocity has made it easier for kiwis to research and access this information all in one place. Our BUYERS PACK contains everything you need to know on the potential property you may be interested in, to make that informed decision. Buying the first home you look at, is like marrying the first person you go on a date with – not always a good idea. If you buy a home without comparing it to others that have sold around it, you’re more likely to overpay or miss out on a home that meets more of your needs. This single pack saves you all the time and money because it is designed to help buyers with all the relevant information such as comparable sales on similar properties.


When it comes to you SELLING a property, either for investment purposes or if it’s time for you to move up the property ladder, there can be some challenges that you may face and need help with to overcome. myvalocity has gathered relevant information and reports to create our SELLERS PACK. The local market conditions you’re wishing to sell your home in, can have a big impact on whether your home sells or not. Before deciding to sell your home you should research your surrounding market in order to be fully informed to assist you in making the correct decision.


This pack helps you research the status of the real estate market in your locality, with the comparable sales report, showing what other homes are being sold for in your area. Being able to carefully analyse the surrounding market will help you when it comes to pricing your home. Our Estimated Valuation Report (iVal™) also helps by giving you the most accurate estimation on how much your property is worth. The price that a home enters the market at, is very important to the success of the sale.


By having the knowledge that barriers will exist when selling a home can make a world of difference. While many of the top challenges when selling a home are out of the home owners control, many of them are in their complete control, as researching and gaining the right kind of knowledge can empower you in making the right decisions.


Whether you are buying or selling for the first time or not, you will want the experience to be positive and rewarding. You can avoid a lot of potential stress, cost and frustration by investing in our BUYERS and SELLERS packs.


Our BUYERS and SELLERS PACKS include the following reports:


• Estimated Valuation Report (iVal™)


• Comparable properties sold are included in the iVal™ report


• Sales history is included in the iVal™ report


• Certificate of Title Summary Report


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AUTHOR: Maria Veitch

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