Our top tips for selling your home

Our top tips for selling your home

21 Nov 2016

Time to sell your home? Here are some quick-fire tips to help you to a smooth and successful transaction!


Understanding the market


The more you can research the local market before you put your house on the market, the easier your sales process will be as you will have a deeper understanding on why certain houses sell faster and for a higher price.

A good way is to collate a folder with similar properties that have sold in the surrounding areas. You can talk to real estate agents and find out the trends and what their view is of the market. You can research sales history, comparable sales, and bedroom and bathroom information from a property website like

The more people you talk to, and the more questions you ask, you will be surprised how much you learn and most people are happy to share their view and ideas.


The next thing you need to consider is…


Realistic with your price


There’s a fair amount of psychology and strategy that goes into determining a home’s asking price. You and your real estate agent should identify the value range of your property before putting the “For Sale” sign up. A way of achieving this is to research your property's current value and what the local property market is doing. Getting an Estimated Valuation, like myvalocity’s iVal, will help you estimate your property’s value and will give you an idea of what your asking price should be. An automated valuation is a computer-generated estimate based on an algorithm including variables like comparable and recent sales, and the location of the house. The outcome is an estimated valuation that gives you a good baseline of what your house would be worth.


The house needs…


“Street appeal”


The saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, however, there’s no doubt most potential buyers will judge whether or not they like a property based on how it looks from the street. As first impressions count, it is easy to gain street appeal by simply tidying up a few things; the route between the gate and the door may be short, long, wide or narrow, but however it looks, it needs to be very obvious. Add some lighting or tidy hedges to “lead” your visitors up to the front door. That front fence needs to be in good nick, without saying, add a fresh coat of paint, stain some old wood, whatever you do ensure it's clean, tidy and in good condition. Even adding some new features, if there is room for it, such as a couple of pot plants or outdoor furniture can make a whole lot of difference.


Don’t forget…




As you are selling your home, it’s not required to have building and pest inspections done. But as any tip goes, here’s why we think it will help improve your chances of a successful transaction. By getting building or pest inspections done prior to selling your home, it will help ensure in the buyer’s mind that you’re not really hiding anything. It will also help you as a seller, to identify problems with the house. This will streamline the process for the buyer as the inspection is already done, and in turn, it will sell your property quicker. Have a read of our Building Inspections blog post (here), for more information on what one entails.


And lastly the...


Open day know-how


It’s the big day, the open home. Here are a few ideas on how to make an impression to potential buyers. The first tip is a clean and relaxing environment so the buyer can imagine themselves living in your home. However, we do warn to not go over the top. Fresh flowers can appeal on open days, as well as some feature lighting to accentuate certain qualities of rooms, opening a few windows and doors to outside areas for natural light and air to flow through your home, and of course, keeping the home very clean and tidy. If you are stuck on how to present your home, researching open home staging can be a big help!


Good luck selling your house!

AUTHOR: Maria Veitch

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