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I can’t find the property I’m looking for.

  • You can either look at it from the street name and select the address from the list of all the addresses.

If you are having problems entering an address you can try the following:

  • Make sure that you select the correct address from the drop down list that will appear when you start entering an address. If the address that you are looking for does not appear in the list, try entering the street name only, then view the search results.
  • Is it a flat or an apartment? If so try entering the address as 21D First Avenue or 4/21 First Avenue

Please email our support team at 

Whilst myvalocity has comprehensive NZ property data available, unfortunately this doesn't always mean that all data received is complete. Additionally, if a property hasn't transacted in the last 20 years or a suburb has low sales volumes we may not be able to provide any relevant information.

New sub divisions will updated once we have all information.

We source our information from some of New Zealand’s largest organisations, Council data (combined data from 72 councils), LINZ data (Land Information New Zealand)

Valocity is an independent trusted source that was first built for the banks and now we are sharing this information with you.

Once a sale has been settled and registered it will appear in our system after 6-10 weeks. If a sale does not appear it will either not be settled or registered.

Please email any photos or updated details with regards to the property to 

When you purchase a report you have the ability to down load a PDF to your chosen device, giving you the ability to review the report at your leisure. If you have created an account with us you can also log into your account and view all reports/subscriptions that you have purchased.

Median price refers to the middle price when all prices all sorted from lowest to highest. In the real estate industry, the median price is used because it lessens the impact of uncharacteristically high or low prices.

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Yes our subscriptions options provide for a discount when selecting multiple reports and or properties, please refer to the subscriptions tab for more details on what is available

myvalocity is a product developed out of Valocity Limited which is a property valuation system used by banks. 

Yes, you will need an account to view and download any reports you request.

Yes, Once you have created your account after purchasing your report you can download any of your reports directly to your computer or chosen device.